VRM is ambitious. We produce and offer only the very best materials.

We really care about the environment.
The product range of VRM includes all products for the environmental market. Ideally suited for any professional in the field of soil and groundwater management. Involved here are pipe systems for water management, power generation, earthworks, civil and hydraulic engineering or heat and cold storage. Areas in which VRM has been specialist for over a century.

Tradition and innovation
A vital business with a rich history and well known in the world of water. That is how our relations describe us. Continually active  and progressive in innovation and optimization, but always no nonsense. Thinking and going along with technical developments is daily business. Keeping contact with the market is essential in successful entrepreneurship. Because of this proactive approach we anticipate at an early stage changes in the market and changes in research methods. New insights and technological developments offer many new opportunities. We use them!

However detailed the information on this website, it will never be complete. Contact the people behind VRM. They will be pleased to tell you more.